How to improve the Great Khali!

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I love wrestling. However, thanks to Spike! being part of a special package in my cable area, and outside obligations that often take place on Monday nights, I’m often only able to catch SmackDown on a given week.

In reality, that’s fine with me. SmackDown has better Divas (in my humble opinion) and they have the last two really good things going for the WWE: Undertaker and Big Show. (Yes, that means I’m not a big Cena fan. I find that he’s like Hogan without the campy comic book appeal.)

But I like to fix things, and you only fix what’s broken. In this case, it’s the “Great Khali.”

Not that I always comment on the rest of y’all’s work, but I do read most of it. Therefore, I’m fully aware that I’m not the first person to hold the opinion that “Great Khali sucks majorly.”

However, I see potential there. If I didn’t, I’d be screaming to scrap the character all together.

I’m of the belief that if the WWE made the following changes to his character, he’d be far more marketable and would be able to provide SmackDown with something they don’t have.

Find a new Manager

Dave Kapoor (Runjin Singh) seems like a fine man. However, the character himself is just not right for what Khali is.

Khali needs a manager both because he speaks poor English, and because his character just wouldn’t seem right without one.

The problem is that Kapoor, in his current incarnation, isn’t right for a manager at all. Thinking back to past relevant managers and today’s only true manager, Tony Atlas, they’re all great instigators who in themselves are, or were, great characters.

In fact, the only relevant manager in pro-wrestling history who wasn’t in that mold was Miss Elizabeth, but she didn’t really need to do that anyway.

Kapoor’s character needs to become just that: a character. Right now, he’s just some dorky looking Indian guy who makes Khali seem more sideshow than main event. That statement provides the perfect segue to my next proposed change.

Eliminate the Khali Kiss Cam

The only good thing the Cam provides is a chance to take an extended bathroom or snack break.

Unlike some of the other in-ring interviews/gimmicks, there’s never any real excitement for the Cam (except for when you realize it’s about to be over), and it leaves you feeling bad for Khali, bad for the poor girl in the ring, and bad for yourself, because you wish just once they’d bring in somebody attractive.

The Cam just makes him seem like a weird sideshow than a legitimate title contender.

Turn Khali into a full heel or full face

Right now, Khali still seems to walk the line between heel and face. The WWE should pick one for him and stick with it. As I look at it, there is no way they can lose should they do that.

Remember the last really marketable freakishly big heel with a flamboyant yet feisty manager? That worked out pretty well, didn’t it?

The other option is to turn him face; Khali: Protector of good, even though he doesn’t understand you. But with the help of his manager he appears wherever aid is needed.

Turning him face seems even better, since SmackDown doesn’t have a true face (Jeff Hardy and Triple H are anti-heroes at best). And lastly…

Give him a real feud

One of the biggest problems with Khali is that he has no problems. It’s hard to love or hate a character who doesn’t have real feuds, isn’t competing for any titles, and doesn’t work in a tag team.

Personally, I’d like to see him feud with Vlad Kozlov. Other than being a great use of “unstoppable force” (Kozlov) meets “immovable object” (Khali) it could probably even be fueled by tensions of two newcomers to America trying to claim what they feel they should at least be given shots at.

Or maybe I’m getting too deep for wrestling…

Final Synopsis

Khali is big man without the tools to be marketed properly. Without a feud and only cheap gimmicks being given to him, he’s like a ship without port (or the Big East: A conference without a BCS game).

But, unlike some of the WWE’s problems, this one has hope to be fixed.


History of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

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The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) is a renowned name in the field of wrestling. It is the biggest private multimedia corporation that entertains the audience through several mediums, the T.V, internet and other networks to name a few. It is amongst the top organizations such as WWF. It centers on the promotion of the sport of wrestling via direct investment for the generation of magnanimous revenues. Vince McMahon is not only the owner but also the chairman for this corporation whereas his better half is the CEO. Their central office is located in Connecticut, with several sub branches in New York, Los Angeles, London and also Toronto.

During the starting years the company was named as the Titan Sports, the name which was later altered to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. today it is more popular as only the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. nick named as WWE. This organization successfully manages its operations of the professional wrestling programs on a large scale which include several top notch professional wrestlers that give a superb performance. The events that take place are managed chronologically for later promotion and preservation in the library. During the initial years Worldwide Wrestling Federation (WWF) was its chief sponsors, but now the list has been joined by ECW, RAW and Smack Down to name a few. The main theme of WWE revolves around 2-3 heavy weight championships for which all the wrestlers compete. Its magnanimous revenues can be speculated in regards to its 2007 revenue which amounted to around US$486 million with a shared net proportionality of profit generation of around fifty two million US dollars. Currently the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championship is used for the representation of the overall global heavyweight-grade champion in the category of the present age.

Not only has it managed to receive rave reviews and immense popularity pwing to its RAW brand of the respective WWE’s television shows amongst all the renowned and accepted professional wrestlers who are highly skilled and properly trained. The inaugural ceremony of the new television network, RAW was made for the new world heavy weight championship. It has directed by the General Manager, Eric Bischoff who has put a lot of hard work into making it a worked so much to make it a prominent and a profiteering network. The respective network keeps the audience up to date with all the latest gossips and news in regards to the wrestling programs, wrestling championships and the exhilarating performances given by the professional wrestlers.

With the on set of this organization people are thrilled to buy tickets for the live shows. All the wrestlers have to abide by the particular rules & regulation of WWE. It is an issue of great debate and anticipation as to who will bag the next championship title. The immense popularity that is enjoyed by this particular federation can be estimated in accordance to the anticipation and the exhilaration of the audience all over.

KHALI versus TRIPLE H In Summerslam

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On the 25th July 2008 Smackdown The Great Khali won a Battle Royal by defeating Jeff Hardy, Big Show, MVP, Umaga and Mr. Kennedy. The match was for the No. 1 contender for Triple H’s WWE championship. The Great Khali has already become the World Heavyweight champion once and is now eying the WWE Championship.

After the match, The Great Khali celebrated as Runjin Singh returned to join him in his celebrations. Triple H came out shortly after and The Great Khali and Triple H looked into each others eyes. The Great Khali was at his menacing best. Khali then left the ring and made his intentions clear by signaling for Triple H’s title.

This world title match is scheduled to happen at Summerslam.

The Great Khali And India

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I stood numb when my eyes, that are accustomed to behold normal beings like you and me, saw the intimidating and imposing gigantic personality, thump down the aisle of the city’s airport. For what I saw, my mind was reluctant to comprehend and what I came to know is even more intriguing to pen down in words. We have seen him hogging most of the air-space on broadcast media, roaring his lungs-out at his rivals in the ring, reducing his opponents to a bundle of hay-stacks… he is the most sought after wrestling icon in India… ‘Rings a bell?’ Yes, we caught up with non other than the “Khalbali-King”… the ultra-sized man with puissant biceps, bulging out of white tees and blue jeans- the Great Khali. And believe me, to meet him in person was a surreal experience.

For solicitous fans in the national capital, he landed like a hope for delectation at 11pm on May 3 at Indira Gandhi International airport. Dalip Singh Rana aka the Great Khali landed to drum beats and uproar of celebrations in the reception area bulging with fans, supporters, and activists of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), a spiritual organisation that the 7 feet and 2-and-half inches World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler follows religiously. From there began ‘Tour India’ of the former employee of Punjab state police along with his wife, Harminder Kaur. The one-time world heavy weight champion and Mr India for the year 1995-96 is scheduled to visit Mumbai as he said while talking to Headlines India. “I love my country and would try to visit as many places as I can during my stay here.”

The next big task for Dalip Singh was to search an accommodation for himself in the national capital. I wanted to stay at the Jatkhod ashram of my Guru Ashutoshji, but due to security reasons, we could not. Then I went to Hotel Oberoi with my wife. But they pleaded us to leave, as they failed to manage my fans, said the wrestler who made an appearance in the Hollywood flick-‘The longest yard.’

After making a mark in Hollywood, the Great Khali was approached by 20 Bollywood film producers once he landed in Delhi. The highest offer was Rs 10 crore, but he denied them all. When quizzed about the reason, Khali told Headlines India, “I am a true disciple of Ashutosh Maharajji. I don’t do anything which he does not agree to. And, my guruji does not want me to do any Bollywood movie right now. So, I have refused all the offers.”

Who amongst us would not want to meet the King Khan of Bollywood? But when he himself wants to meet the Great Khali, it speaks volumes about the stature the brute-wrestler has acquired in the country. Shahrukh Khan has reportedly called up Khali seeking an appointment before he returns to Toronto. Sharukh Khan told Khali on phone that if kids love him so much and want to see him once, “then why can’t I?” said a source close to the wrestler.

As we all have been following TV channels that say Khali is a religious man, Headlines India tried to discover the complete truth in a meeting with Khali. Disclosing the real source of his unbeatable concentration and strength in the ring, the ‘strongest man of India’ said, I meditate for two-and-a half hours everyday according to the ‘Brahma-Gyan’. “It gives me strength to remain peaceful at mind, yet so effective inside the ring.”

When asked about the sure-shot formula behind the success of Dalip Singh Rana from Dhirana Village (in Himachal Pradesh) to the Great Khali of WWE, he answered, “I always believe the real success of a man is to live life in accordance with the divine norms, which not only make you strong, but also enrich you with all the worldly achievements. But all this comes, when you have a perfect master. I am blessed to have Ashutoshji.”

‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman’ and Harminder Kaur firmly stands as a root of success behind Khali. She stood by his side in surge and slumps of his career graph, supporting him through thick-and-thins. When asked if she faces any kind of problem in regular course of life due to his fan-following, she cheerfully replied, “Not at all. It is rather a privilege to be his wife. I am proud that he is not only creating a niche for himself but also bringing honour to the entire country.”

So, this was about my short meeting with ‘The Great Khali’ who loves to listen to discourses, whenever he gets time, loves his wife immensely and who himself is a very loved man outside the ring, but on top of everything who respects his country the most.

Great Khali Back Home, Festivities In Himachal – Sirmaur

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Shimla:Himachal has pitched in its bit to welcome and honour ‘The Great Khali’ as the world known wrestler reaches his village Dhirayan in Sirmaur district.

“We will recommend Daleep Singh Rana, more popular as ‘The Great Khali’ for the national Padamshiri award for his exploits at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) bouts, Gulab Singh Thakur, PWD minister said at public function in Nahan on Tuesday evening that was held in honour of the wrestler.

Khali, better know as Daleep Singh Rana in the villages of Shillai is coming home after over three years as a much acclaimed wrestler who has challenged and beaten the best in the game at the WWE bouts.

At the function, the administration also facilitated, Jawalu Ram Rana, father of Khali and Tandi Devi, his mother, who are on the special guest list.

On arrival in India on May 2, Khali had his appointment list packed which included a meeting with President Pratibha Patil and celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and Priyanka Vadra taking time out to get their children to meet the giant of a man.

In between, Khali has even done a film shoot for a Bollywood film.

When apprehensions were cast about Khali probably not being able to make it to his native village during this tour, he had rubbished it saying that he ‘was longing to eat food cooked by mother hands’.

Back home today the family today is celebrating the return of a son who has become an international star.

The villages and towns like Paonta, Sataun, Kamrou, Kafota and Shillai through which Khali passed thorough to reach his native village Dhirayan had made special preparations and held festival like celebrations.

Mangal Singh, brother of Khali, disclosed of having made grand preparations for hosting a feast for over five thousand people on his arrival in the village for today.

Sohan Singh, a resident of Shillai disclosed that Khali had donated each house in his native village with a satellite TV set, so that they were able to watch his bouts at WWE as the quality of reception from terrestrial and cable TV was poor.

The hero from Sirmaur also has a new house ready that now can accommodate his 7 feet 3 inch frame. The house also has a custom built double bed that was specially prepared by a furniture factory at Nahan.

Great Khali gets promoted in Indian police force

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The Great Khali, at seven-foot-three and 420 pounds, has earned prizes, movie roles and piles of money for his prowess on the wrestling mat.

But officials said Thursday that the Indian-born World Wrestling Entertainment star had earned a new reward for his body slams and headlocks – a promotion in Punjab’s police force.

The entertainer, whose real name is Dilip Singh Rana, kept his day job as a police officer in the northern state of Punjab when he moved to the United States to wrestle.

Police officials granted him extended sick leave in 2006 and were happy he used that time to become a star.

“He has brought the force international fame and has made us all very proud with his many achievements as a wrestler,” said senior police official Rajan Gupta.

“It was the Punjab Police that first nurtured and promoted The Great Khali as a bodybuilder and wrestler,” Gupta said.

Still with the WWE, Rana is expected to return for a stint of police work next week. It’s unclear how long he’ll be with the force.

Rana, previously an assistant sub inspector, is now a sub inspector. It wasn’t known if the promotion would raise his salary from its current 15,000 rupees, about $375 a month.

In addition to wrestling, Rana also acts, playing alongside Adam Sandler in “The Longest Yard” in 2005.

He has said he would like to continue wrestling and pursue a career in Bollywood.

Rana, who made his wrestling debut in April 2006, took his moniker after Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction who wears a necklace of human heads.

His biography on the WWE website says: “This enormous monster has walked the jungles of India unafraid of pythons and wrestled White Bengal tigers.”

Khali : A giant wrestler from India

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THE INDIAN giant, Dalip Singh Rana, described as, inter alia, the man with strong muscles, extraordinary height and long flowing locks has been eliminating all those blocking his way in the world wrestling arena.

April 7, 2006, was a memorable day not just for Dalip Singh but also for all those Indians who are crazy about wrestling, because the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) launched the ’Great Khali’ in the arena of ‘Smack Down’. On the first day, he choked the Undertaker and thus warned all the wrestlers of WWE. After that he challenged many other wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Batista, Umaga, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Randy Orton and many others in the ring.

When Edge quit the World Heavyweight Championship owing to an injury, Khali won the 20-man Battle Royal with the help of his famous ‘Brain Chop’ attack. He lifted the Heavyweight Title on July 20. It is a day Khali will remember all his life.

Dalip Singh was born on August 27, 1972, in Himachal Pradesh. To earn a living, he worked as watchman in a residential building in Himachal Pradesh. After that, he joined the Punjab Police, as officer. In February 27, 2002, he got married to Harminder Kaur.

Khali’s 7 ft 3 inch frame weighs 420 lb and scares the living daylights out of his opponents in the ring. He started his career in October 2000 as a pro-wrestler for All Pro Wrestling in United States. On May 28, 2001, Brian Ong, a professional wrestler died after receiving a flapjack from Khali in the ring during practice. Ong had suffered a concussion earlier in the session.

After clinching the World Championship, Khali became very popular amongst Indian viewers. The Indian media too contributed its mite. In 2005, Khali acted in the Hollywood movie ‘The Longest Yard’, as Turley. In India, he tried weight lifting but could not establish himself because the lower portion of his body was not favourable for it. This 36-year old Indian giant has already proved his calibre in the world arena, but this is not the end — it is just the beginning for this Indian legend!