History of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) is a renowned name in the field of wrestling. It is the biggest private multimedia corporation that entertains the audience through several mediums, the T.V, internet and other networks to name a few. It is amongst the top organizations such as WWF. It centers on the promotion of the sport of wrestling via direct investment for the generation of magnanimous revenues. Vince McMahon is not only the owner but also the chairman for this corporation whereas his better half is the CEO. Their central office is located in Connecticut, with several sub branches in New York, Los Angeles, London and also Toronto.

During the starting years the company was named as the Titan Sports, the name which was later altered to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. today it is more popular as only the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. nick named as WWE. This organization successfully manages its operations of the professional wrestling programs on a large scale which include several top notch professional wrestlers that give a superb performance. The events that take place are managed chronologically for later promotion and preservation in the library. During the initial years Worldwide Wrestling Federation (WWF) was its chief sponsors, but now the list has been joined by ECW, RAW and Smack Down to name a few. The main theme of WWE revolves around 2-3 heavy weight championships for which all the wrestlers compete. Its magnanimous revenues can be speculated in regards to its 2007 revenue which amounted to around US$486 million with a shared net proportionality of profit generation of around fifty two million US dollars. Currently the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championship is used for the representation of the overall global heavyweight-grade champion in the category of the present age.

Not only has it managed to receive rave reviews and immense popularity pwing to its RAW brand of the respective WWE’s television shows amongst all the renowned and accepted professional wrestlers who are highly skilled and properly trained. The inaugural ceremony of the new television network, RAW was made for the new world heavy weight championship. It has directed by the General Manager, Eric Bischoff who has put a lot of hard work into making it a worked so much to make it a prominent and a profiteering network. The respective network keeps the audience up to date with all the latest gossips and news in regards to the wrestling programs, wrestling championships and the exhilarating performances given by the professional wrestlers.

With the on set of this organization people are thrilled to buy tickets for the live shows. All the wrestlers have to abide by the particular rules & regulation of WWE. It is an issue of great debate and anticipation as to who will bag the next championship title. The immense popularity that is enjoyed by this particular federation can be estimated in accordance to the anticipation and the exhilaration of the audience all over.


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